Noah and the Mega Fauna – Tonight

Seriously… first go here  —  and then get your butt into the Torch Club and see what this cat is all about.

True Mad North

It’s not too late to get down to the Torch Club tonight to see True Mad North. They seem just the type of band you would expect to see here. Their influences include:

– Melodies hanging in the cigarette smoke
– Spirits
– Bruised hearts
– Late nights
– The open road
– Four part harmonies
– Damsels in distress
Any further questions?

The Kerri Carr Band for your Wednesday night!

We’re halfway through the week and you haven’t been out to a live show yet? You need to do something about that tonight. Time to make it to the Torch Club for the return of the Kerri Carr Band. There’s lots of talent evident on our stage when this year-old band performs. You may remember Kerri as the lead singer of Rowdy Kate. Oh, you thought her name was Kate? This should get you straightened out. Yes. You. Tonight.

the Legendary James Harman Tonight!


Check him here:

It’s Sunday night again!

Hey, didn’t get enough of a thrill from today’s eclipse? Or may be had too much. Either way, the perfect solution for your Sunday night is at the Torch Club. Come on in for an 8:00 show tonight and catch The Golden Cadillacs in a return engagement. Immerse yourself in their Honey Baked Country Soul for a few hours and just forget that tomorrow is Monday again.

Ron Hacker is here tonight.

Come down to the Torch Club for some great guitar blues tonight as Ron Hacker takes the stage at 9:00.

Walking Spanish for your Friday Night

You think there’s nothing to do in Sacramento? You’ll totally change your mind if you come out to the Torch Club tonight. Walking Spanish is one of the hottest young acts to come along in recent years and they’re still young and still hot! Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboard player Alex Nelson, these talented musicians move you seamlessly through a variety of genre bending tunes, even occasionally changing up on a couple of instruments to keep it fresh. Did I say hot?

Tonight! Fruition String Band

Find them at

Wednesday night brings Merle Jagger.

As the band bio describes them on Reverbnation, “MERLE JAGGER is Southern California’s all original Country Rock Jam Band trio blazing an innovative mix of amped up Bluegrass, Classic Country Guitar / Rock Guitar Twang Bangin’ with catchy melodies and captivating live performances.” Sounds like you should come out and hear them at the Torch Club tonight!

Tonight… Pete Anderson

If you get a chance check him out at