If I were you..yea right.

As your (insert adjective here:  ‘best’   ‘only’   ‘coolest’… whatever) friend, I’d like to offer some advice:  I’d dislodge that sofa from my butt and roll out to see Walking Spanish tonight at the Legendary Torch Club.  They are so hot.  And the chicks dig ’em.  Hint, hint. Don’t worry, pookie. That stinky-ass sofa’ll be there when you get home ..tomorrow afternoon.  (You can thank me later.)

Stellar Lineup with WALKING SPANISH

Yea– OK..  for all you eagle eyes out there bustin’ my chops–  I got it…  I got it…   Mistake on the Featured Artist date for Walking Spanish.  They’ll be tearing @%$ up around the Legendary Torch Club THIS SATURDAY the 6th.  Which means you’re Friday / Saturday lineup is absolutely STELLAR.


Aah..  AC Myles.  One of my favorite favorites.  I remember when he was but a tiny boy ..  I used to babysit our little Adam..  his sweet baby blond hair, sheepish grin and naked little body rolling around that bathtub.   Even then he had a rubber guitar in that tub with us.  Him.  With him.  Naturally this never truly happened, I’m making it all up, every word.    But in my mind… Anywho–  I digress.  Show up tonight for an incredible gig with AC Myles at the Legendary Torch Club.  He’s all over the planet these days, we’re lucky to have him.

Its all about Options.

Option One:  Sit alone in the balls hot car all the way from your cubie to Roseville–  a 190 minute trip on a Friday rush hour.

Option Two: Sit ( still probably alone ) on a barstool at the Legendary Torch Club for a No Cover Happy Hour this Friday…cool, calm… sipping a Margarita by the cool, sapphire blue ocean with beautiful bikini clad women playing volleyball in the sun and giggling wildly…..  Yea, ok.  I made up that last part.  But, hey… Pailer and Fratis will be there.  WHAT?

Happy Birthday Pops

Louis Armstrong, in 1901.  Where would we be without the poor kid from ‘back of town’ New Orleans?

Blues Pee Weekend

I’m so excited about this weekend lineup I could pee.  I know… it’s kinda early in the week but listen up.  AC Myles shows up on Friday to blow us all the hell away…  Saturday my skinny ass’ll sweat it out with Walking Spanish, Sunday is unplugged with Lucky Witherspoon featuring his walk-in Jam Session…  ok… I’m a little freaked out by that… but hey!  Ho, hell…  It’ll be GREAT! Depending upon who walks in….   right? Could be good…it always is…  I’m jus’ sayin’.

Skinny Girls say Oh Yea!

Wine has about the same number of calories as an equal amount of grape juice.  WHAT?  Who failed to tell ME that??

Good Golly!

In 1958 BillBoard Magazine reported a claim that tuning in Rock and Roll Music in the car costs the driver money.  The report warned drivers that the rhythm caused the driver to unconsciously jiggle the gas pedal, wasting gas, and strongly urged against it. Hell– with gas at .23 cents a gallon in 1958 … Im thinking a Good Golly Miss Molly could cost you what??  .004 cents?  I’d take the risk.

Quinn Hedges

OK..  I’m confessin’.  For the last 140 years I’ve been around the local and beyond Blues world here in Sacramento–  (..and yes, my 130th birthday is coming up– thank you for remembering..) I’ve yet to run into Quinn Hedges.  I know…  I know.  However–  as a purveyor of things fine not only in music but also visual—  I’m gonna sneak in this weekend to check him out.  Let’s just say I’m visually intrigued….

Best Blues in Sacramento

It’s hot ass in this city.  I’m jus sayin’. BUT, on the other side of that, Sacramento also is home to the stinking best Blues joint this side of Memphis … an’ I just come back from there so I know on this.  This weekend Quinn Hedges is coming in, with his Bluez Houndz.. like we don’t smell enough like houndz ’round here this time of year.  Saturday we’re gonna clean up (yea, right) for Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys.  And Sunday Tess and Hip Trash is in the house.  oooh, this is gonna be a dirty little weekend, now isn’t it?