Because Its Just So Cool

I’m gonna remind you once again, you can now get to the artist’s website from the calendar page.  Yep.  No, really.  OMG, yea.. like..  I know.  It was a shockingly complex and difficult thing to do.  Anyway..  Go there, now.  Knock yourself out.  I’m spent.

Tess Marie and the Poor Man Band return!

Tess Marie and the Poor Man Band are the headliners tonight. You may remember Tessie from her collaboration with Hip Trash. New band lineup, but the same great Tess! A don’t miss show for a Tuesday evening. Tonight!

Because Some Around Here…

…Don’t pay attention… I’m gonna say again there’s a new feature on the Torch Club Website so you can now access the artists’ web pages directly from the calendar page!  Whoppee!!  Go!  Do it!  Right??  Wow.  It only took me like… three years to figgur that one out.

Terry Hanck for your Friday

For many years a Torch Club favorite, and this year the 2012 Winner at the 33rd Annual Blues Music Awards, “Best Horn”. If you don’t know, Terry’s ax is a sax. With his top shelf supporting band, you can’t go wrong. Come on out to the Torch Club tonight and whet your appetite for what you can be listening to at the Blues and Brews venue at the State Fair next month. The Terry Hanck Band will be there from July 12-29. You can catch them there and still get back to the Torch for a nightcap. If you’re really adventurous, you can also catch Terry in Beirut, Lebanon on July 10.

Hey! By Popular Demand…

…You can now access the artist’s website from the calendar.  Check it out–  See????  How cool is that??  Yea..  I know.  You’re welcome.

Election Night!

The Quinn Hedges Band is here tonight for your listening pleasure. Stop by for the music and also have a drink or two to either celebrate your candidate’s victory or drown your sorrows. Either way, please remember to tip your bartender.

Sunday Blues?

Hey, that’s not at all a bad thing at the Torch Club! Grab your ax and join us from 4-7:00 for the Sunday blues jam. Then at 8:00, enjoy the sounds of Johnny “Guitar” Knox, one of the most authentic blues artists here in Sacramento.

A real treat tonight! The Twilight Drifters featuring Charles Baty.

For your hot Saturday night, the Twilight Drifters take the stage at the Torch Club. Fronted by Geoff Miller, a founding member of the band Rowdy Kate, their music is Rockabilly, Western Swing, Jump Blues all mixed together. Also featured is Charles Baty, well-known for his decades of touring and recording with Little Charlie and the Nightcats, and his gypsy jazz combo the Little Charlie Caravan. Charles also recently returned to touring as a member of the band behind the Mark Hummel Harmonica Blowout, even occasionally pulling out his own harp onstage with other masters of the instrument. This is a don’t miss show.

Funk Revival tonight!

What? Did Funk ever leave? Not around here, it didn’t. If you think so, we’ll show ya different. Get your funky a$$ down to the Torch Club tonight and get funkified to start your weekend.

Peck and Major Powers

Get in tonight and get a load of Peck and Major Powers..  Also Lo-Fi Symphony will be in for a cram packed night.  You won’t be disappointed.