Get yourself a big blender and pour in some rockabilly, country and rock and what comes together is Dixon’s hot band, Jenny Lynne & Her Real Gone Daddies. It’s Saturday night in Sacramento and where else should you be but the World Famous Torch Club!

Cole Fonseca returns tonight!

If you don’t know Cole Fonseca’s story and you just show up to see him, it’s a memorable enough experience. But if you know he survived a horrendous auto accident (he was not driving) and see how he has fought his way back to be an outstanding musician and performer, it’s almost unimaginable. You don’t want to miss this show, he doesn’t come around to this area too often. You’ll witness intensity and power that is just not all that common. The last time I saw him, he was singing and blowing harp with one hand permanently tucked into his pocket. Recently I heard he was playing guitar again.

Sioux City Kid is here tonight!

Wow, the week is just flying by. Time to get the weekend started as Sioux City Kid visits from San Francisco. Their myspace page identifies their genre as Americana / Indie / Rock. One of the tunes I heard was reminiscent of the sound track of a film about the old west. Now that’s Americana I can relate to. Downbeat at 9:00.

It’s Howell Devine for your Wednesday night!

The Howell Devine trio is back again tonight. Do you enjoy down home blues? How about some raw slide guitar and a hot rhythm section playing the sounds of the old south? Throw in a little harp and you’ve got something that will really get you going. Howell Devine is not just your run-of-the-mill bar band. If you missed them last time, here’s your chance to make up for it! It will ease you on into the second half of your week with a smile.

Dippin’ Sauce tonight!

What? Tuesday too soon to start the weekend? Are you kidding me? The weather is beautiful, sunset is later, who even thinks about what day it is? It’s about having a good time and these electrifying practitioners of the blues are just what you need to move your week along. Torch Club regulars Dippin’ Sauce light up the stage tonight! With the lowest cover of the week, you have enough for an extra drink! Please do so responsibly (and you know what I’m sayin’).

Two great shows today!

Happy Sunday, everyone. There’s no reason to be moping around just because tomorrow is Monday. The sun is shining and the Torch Club has two of the most popular of our regular acts! Before Johnny Guitar Knox takes the stage at 8:00, there’s a great no cover happy hour with Aaron King and friends from 4-7:00. Come on out and get your fill of comfort food for the ears before you face the new work week.

Rick Estrin and the Nightcats!

It’s always a great time when Rick Estrin and the Nightcats come to town. These talented international travelers will keep you rockin’ all night. There aren’t too many harp players around today who can honestly claim to have played with the legendary Muddy Waters and Rick is still going strong more than 40 years after Muddy paid him high compliments. You won’t want to miss this. Just remember, stay alert if you’re close to the stage or you might get high-kicked by the Kid.

Happy Birthday, Sonny Boy

March 30, 1914 – June 1, 1948  Williamson was born near Jackson, Tennessee in 1914.  He has been called “the father of modern blues harp”.  Sonny first recorded for Bluebird Records in 1937 and his first recording, “Good Morning, School Girl”, became a standard. He was hugely popular among black audiences throughout the southern United States as well as in the midwestern industrial cities such as Detroit and his home base in Chicago, and his name was synonymous with the blues harmonica for the next decade.

Beso Negro is here!

Gypsy, jazz, blues. This band transports you to another place and time, reminiscent of the soul of an international traveler who blends the sounds and experience of different lands into something unique, yet familiar. You think maybe you’ve been there before, but it’s not quite the same.

Con Brio cruises in from San Francisco

Just back from a tour of the Pacific Northwest, Con Brio brings their show to the ever-fabulous and edgy Torch Club. This hot band blends old-school grit with new-school sophistication for a sound that’s wholly their own. At just three years young, they keep things fresh by making each show different, but always featuring strong vocals, well-developed lyrics and a rich, full sound that is well beyond the basics. Find out more and experience the experience for yourself tonight.