Come back, come back for Golden Cadillacs!

Here’s what our decidedly more feminine colleague had to say the last time they were here: “There’s no secret about it..  These boys excite me in ways I’m not allowed to talk about here…  But come in tonight and see for yourself.  The boys.  See the boys for yourself.  Not me.  sheesh.”  9PM

The Lew Fratis trio tonight.

Looking for a place to get out of the rain tonight? What better solution than the world famous Torch Club?!! Start with a no cover Happy Hour with Bill Mylar and Friends or just run between the drops and get here by 9:00 for the Lew Fratis Trio.

Bone Mac Donald tonight!

Come out and finish off the weekend in a great mood tonight as local favorite The Bone Mac Donald Band takes the stage. You can expect some hot electric blues guitar as well as some great acoustic sounds by this sensitive singer/songwriter bandleader.

Party time with John Lee Hooker Jr!

John Lee Hooker Jr. rolls into the Torch Club tonight for a CD release party! Son of a blues legend, his journey through life mirrors what we’ve heard about many other blues musicians. For the past ten years, he has been on the road back from the deepest of depths. His music today is a celebration, with elements of R & B, jazz and down home blues.

Terry Hanck is back!

Looking for some great sax on a Friday night? The Torch Club is the place to find it as the Terry Hanck Band takes the stage. Terry has been nominated for two Blues Music Awards this year, for Best Horn and Best Song! Come and get some!

Harley White Jr, featuring Aaron King

Another hot Thursday night as house favorites Harley White Jr, Aaron King and the band bring their brand of bluesy jazz and jazzy blues to Sacramento’s uncontested home of bluesy jazz and jazzy blues!

Alkali Flats tonight.

Alkali Flats have brought their brand of music to venues around the country and overseas. Their mix of country, honky tonk, americana, hillbilly, and leveebilly should prove quite refreshing. Come on out to the Torch tonight and get energized to make it through the rest of your week.


RIP Ronnie Montrose

Saddened to hear about the passing of another talented local musician. Ronnie Montrose had many friends among the Torch Club regulars.


Come on out to the Torch Club for an early, no cover Happy Hour (4-7) with Aaron King and Friends and more great Beer Week specials, then stay for The League to wrap up another great Torch Club weekend!

Afrofunk Experience tonight!

Wow, it’s another one of those Torch Club nights when you can’t figure out how they fit ALL that talent on one little stage. The Afrofunk Experience brings it here from Oakland, with their mix of ORIGINAL BAY AREA FUNK, AFROBEAT, REGGAE, AND MORE. They’ve got what it takes to support all that AND the more.