tonight… TRACORUM

Tracorum is an original Rock n Soul/Rhythm n Blues band out of San Francisco. Great songwriting and epic live shows are at the heart of this soul quenching, eclectic bay area talent. Steeped in traditional roots music the band has continued to create a unique sound that is the vast umbrella known as Tracorum. Piano based Cosmic Gospel Thunder Funk and the food you eat with your closest friends. Tracorum bleeds rock n roll and continues to win over audiences across the country with their amazing, hard hitting, feel good performances.

Tonight– Wasteland Hop with Special Guest the Echo Chamber

The lowdown on these guys:  Wasteland Hop is an indie hip-hop band from Fort Collins, Colorado. Their unique sound has one foot in the groovin’ live hip hop of The Roots and another in the brash, bluesy rock of The Black Keys. The centerpiece of each Wasteland Hop song is the interplay between Mickey Kenny (an MC with the heart of a slam poet) and Steph Jay (a songstress with a soulful wail).

With Special Guest, The Echo Chamber, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Echo Chamber blends rock with experimental electronic layers and progressive stylings. The live show consists of emotionally driven dynamic leg kicks and back rolls, laser beams and sometimes beach balls for crowd participation. The Echo Chamber has played many stages from their hometown Fort Collins to Denver to Los Angeles. The band just released their first ep “Vikings From The Future” available on iTunes now.


The Torch Club stays true to it’s name on a hotter than heck Wednesday bringing in a double featuring Forever Goldrush with Horsebones.

Forever Goldrush is a Country/Pop/Rock band, a bunch of locals whose past recordings include “Unknown Territory” (self released, 1997) and “Halo In My Backpack” (Cargo Records, 1998). Their third album, “The Amador Frequency,” was recorded in 2002, released August of last year on Test Pattern Records.

Horsebones, a bunch of guys out of Salt Lake are in the house too, bringing in some indie/folk sounds with influences of James Vincent McMorrow, The Shins, and Bon Iver among others.  So grab a barstool and a cold one..  Temperature not gonna drop round here till morning.


Tonight… Lew Fratis

Tonight our friend Lew Fratis comes in to soothe the pain of a hotter than @#&! Tuesday evening…  Get up, switch OFF your overworked A/C and flee for the smooth air conditioned sounds of the Torch Club.


The music of Marius can best be described as singer/songwriter venturing into different parts of the rock genre. Acoustic and intimate, the concept of experimenting with different combinations of acoustic instruments, gives Marius an exciting platform where songwriting truly flourishes.


Merle Jagger plays a muso antioxidant of progressive expressionism featuring guitar and drum hero performances stylistically influenced by Honky Tonk, Classic Country and Rock, Boogie Blues and a mix of amped up Bluegrass. Bright tempos and upbeat melodies fuel Merle Jagger’s clever instrumental compositions as well as their vocal driven Country and Swing drinkin’ tunes.
check em out here


Never letting the classic rock sensibilities out of sight, The Strange has made their niche by harnessing a vintage rock sound and intertwining it with progressive and Indy rock vibes and styles.  The result is what makes us love rock music today.  Slick guitar riffs, powerhouse drums and base, and haunting and truthful lyrics that will register at your core…

See them here


These guys are well listed under the heading Not New Country, and you see why when you come in for a full night of twang bangin’, pedal steel cryin’ ,’ and 4/4 shuffle thumpin’.

Go here and take a listen:  then roll by tonight.



Grant Farm is a refreshing harvest of a band from the fertile Front Range of Colorado. This much-anticipated four-piece represents the fruition of the efforts of National Flatpicking Champion Tyler Grant, one of the hottest and best-known guitar players on the scene today. In Grant Farm he is partnered with dynamic drummer Chris Misner, also of the Drew Emmitt Band and Bill Nershi’s Blue Planet. The quartet is completed by funky phenom Adrian “Ace” Engfer on bass and the prodigious Sean Foley on keyboards. Grant Farm has established a movement based on their connection to roots music of all kinds, devotion to their fans and family, and their brilliant performances of Rocky Mountain Rock and Roll.

Check them out here

Mr. December Band tonight!

Hey, it’s Saturday night and you don’t want to make the wrong choice of a place to go for music. Mr. December takes the Torch Club by storm tonight, which makes it the ONLY right choice. If you haven’t heard this band lately, you’ve been missing some great new originals and some covers that few bands even attempt. If you have heard them, then you know already. This band does not fit neatly into a box. They stretch in so many directions, you won’t even know which way to look. You like rock? Blues? a little jazz fusion? Funk? Whateva? yeah they’ve got that. So. Be. Here. Tonight. And don’t forget to bring your friends and tip your bartender!