Funk Revival tonight!

What? Did Funk ever leave? Not around here, it didn’t. If you think so, we’ll show ya different. Get your funky a$$ down to the Torch Club tonight and get funkified to start your weekend.

Peck and Major Powers

Get in tonight and get a load of Peck and Major Powers..  Also Lo-Fi Symphony will be in for a cram packed night.  You won’t be disappointed.



Island of Black and White for your Tuesday!

It’s the day after the holiday weekend. Welcome back to reality! Not ready to end the party yet? Well great! We’ve got the perfect solution for your Tuesday night. Island of Black and White is back at the Torch Club. People that know them well say their music falls “somewhere in the middle of rock, acoustic, reggae, funk, soul, and blues”. If you can’t find something you like in that selection, stop in anyway for a drink. One or the other is sure to improve your outlook.

Torch Fest!

Today is the First Annual Torch Fest. Guaranteed at least 10, maybe even 12 bands! Here’s the expected lineup:

Dry County Drinkers 1230-1
Bill Mylar and Friends 115-145
Bleedin Hearts 2-245
Howell Devine 3-345
Keri Carr 4-445
Fortunate Few 5-545
Island of Black and White 6-645
Mike Blanchard and the Californios 7-745
Merle Jagger 8-845
Walking Spanish 9-945
Forever Goldrush 10-1045
Golden Cadillacs 11-12
You know how it is with musicians, all times are approximate. All bands are great! Come early, stay late. Drink responsibly and remember to overtip your bartender.

Johnny “Guitar” Knox, then Daniel Castro tonight!

Ticket prices for the Sac Music Festival got you down? No worries! Tonight the Torch Club has two of the hardest working blues guitarists in Northern California. Come in for a no cover happy hour with local legend Johnny Knox, who has lived the life of the blues. Stick around for Daniel Castro, one of the most respected blues guitarists in the Bay Area. One show or both, you won’t be thinking about what you didn’t see somewhere else tonight.

Noah and the Mega Fauna – Tonight

Seriously… first go here  —  and then get your butt into the Torch Club and see what this cat is all about.

True Mad North

It’s not too late to get down to the Torch Club tonight to see True Mad North. They seem just the type of band you would expect to see here. Their influences include:

– Melodies hanging in the cigarette smoke
– Spirits
– Bruised hearts
– Late nights
– The open road
– Four part harmonies
– Damsels in distress
Any further questions?

The Kerri Carr Band for your Wednesday night!

We’re halfway through the week and you haven’t been out to a live show yet? You need to do something about that tonight. Time to make it to the Torch Club for the return of the Kerri Carr Band. There’s lots of talent evident on our stage when this year-old band performs. You may remember Kerri as the lead singer of Rowdy Kate. Oh, you thought her name was Kate? This should get you straightened out. Yes. You. Tonight.

the Legendary James Harman Tonight!


Check him here:

It’s Sunday night again!

Hey, didn’t get enough of a thrill from today’s eclipse? Or may be had too much. Either way, the perfect solution for your Sunday night is at the Torch Club. Come on in for an 8:00 show tonight and catch The Golden Cadillacs in a return engagement. Immerse yourself in their Honey Baked Country Soul for a few hours and just forget that tomorrow is Monday again.