Cinco de Mayo

Hey, it’s not too late to go to the Torch Club to round out your Cinco de Mayo celebration tonight. If you go now, you can be there in time for Con Brio’s second set and there are still plenty of drinks available! Don’t forget to tip your bartender!

Seth Augustus at the Torch Club!

San Francisco Singer- Songwriter, Bluesman, and Throat singer Seth Augustus makes an appearance at the Torch Club tonight. His music has been called uniquely old and new. Sounds like exactly what we need on a Thursday night. Let’s keep this week rolling and be ready for Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Howell Devine returns!

The Howell Devine trio is back again tonight. Do you enjoy down home blues? How about some raw slide guitar and a hot rhythm section playing the sounds of the old south? Throw in a little harp and you’ve got something that will really get you going. Howell Devine is not just your run-of-the-mill bar band. If you missed them last time, here’s your chance to make up for it! It will ease you on into the second half of your week with a smile and continue your preparations for the approaching Cinco de Mayo.

Dippin’ Sauce Tonight!

Get your music week started the right way by jumping in with BOTH feet. Tonight it’s Matt Rainey and Dippin’ Sauce, which also features Torch Club favorite Steve Wall. These electrifying practitioners of the blues are just what you need to start warming up for the big Cinco de Mayo event this weekend.

The Laurie Morvan Band is here!

In keeping with a compelling theme in Sacramento (have you been out around the Capitol today or watching the news?) the Torch Club tonight continues a weekend of strong women on our stage. Tonight it’s the Laurie Morvan Band! Laurie is a top notch guitarist and songwriter backed by a great cast of players and is a multi-award winner including Best Self-Produced CD at the International Blues Challenge. If you’re looking for a great time and some great music tonight, you’ll find it here at the Torch Club.

It’s finally Friday

Big and brassy, bold and sassy is the way Kaye Bohler describes herself and there’s no one who can dispute that. She’s here at the Torch Club tonight with her powerhouse presence, big, dynamic vocals and kick-a$$ band. Join us for her take on classic blues-flavored soul and R & B. If you’ve seen her here before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for?

A little Jelly Bread for your Thursday night

Over the Sierra and down the hill from Reno, ┬áJelly Bread comes blazing into Sacramento tonight to hit the Torch Club with their mix of original funky roots, soul, and rock. You’ve made it this far through the week and all you need is a little push, a little more energy to get to the weekend. This band will get you charged up for the rest of that trip!

They’re baaack! The Kerri Carr Band!

You say you didn’t get enough partying over the weekend? Well keep the fun going tonight at the Torch as the Kerri Carr Band returns. This year-old band threatens to become a regular thang here and features the former lead singer of Rowdy Kate. There’s lots of talent evident on our stage when this band performs. They have already developed quite a following and you should be among them. Yes. You. Tonight.

Island of Black and White is back!

Get your music week started at the Torch Club with a band that has become a local favorite in the last couple of years. The Island of Black and White is here for a return engagement. Tonight, you can catch one of the band’s high energy performances that’s hard to categorize. People that know them well say their music falls “somewhere in the middle of rock, acoustic, reggae, funk, soul, and blues”. Come find out for yourself!

The Golden Cadillacs are here tonight!

Hey, it’s not too late to add on to your Earth Day celebratory activities. Get on down to the Torch Club for an 8:00 show tonight and catch The Golden Cadillacs in a return engagement. Immerse yourself in their Honey Baked Country Soul for a few hours and just forget that tomorrow is Monday again.