Big Earl and the Cryin’ Shame

Making the trip from Modesto this evening is the Chicago Blues-based band Big Earl and the Cryin’ Shame. Although that’s their foundation, the players bring various styles to the table from jazz to rockabilly, funk, R&B, Motown, even bluegrass and rap. Their first CD was released in October, although they’ve been filling dance floors long before that. This will be a great way to close out your weekend and forget for a few hours that tomorrow is Monday.

It’s Shane Dwight on a Saturday night.

Ladies (and you gents, too), put some heat in your weekend with crowd favorite Shane Dwight. Just don’t be surprised when the room temperature goes up about 20 degrees shortly after 9:00. If you’ve been to the Torch Club for his shows before, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

It’s Kevin Russell for your Friday night.

Kevin Russell makes a return appearance tonight for your listening pleasure. He’ll share some blues, some classic rock, maybe even some stories. He sure has some good ones. Ask him about the “No Product Tour” he did with Clarence Clemons back in the day,  when the Big Man had some time on his hands. And don’t forget to tip your bartenders.

Another Nite with Harley White!

Harley White Jr, that is. Get your bottoms out the door, downbeat is at 9:00! Guitar virtuoso Aaron King will be playing along with Harley and band for an unbeatable combination. What are you waiting for? Put those dancing shoes on and go! Now!

The Kerri Carr Band is back!

Tonight at the Torch Club, the Kerri Carr Band takes over the room. This year-old band features the former lead singer of Rowdy Kate and is packed with lots of talented singers  and songwriters. They have already developed quite a following and you should be among them. If you don’t know that yet, you need to come in and find out!

Tessie Marie returns

Just because you overdid it yesterday is no reason to stay home tonight! Tess Marie and the Poor Man Band are the headliners tonight. You may remember Tessie from her collaboration with Hip Trash. New band lineup, but the same great Tess! A don’t miss show for a Sunday evening.

It’s St. Patty’s Day!

Okay, come on now, you don’t have to ask how to celebrate this holiday. Everybody drink! It’s what else you do that makes it special. Start your evening with some acoustic blues with the real deal, Johnny (Guitar) Knox, playing the no cover happy hour. Then at 9:00, the Coalition hits the stage to carry the party into the morning after.

Mercy Me! that’s more than just an exclamation.

Come out tonight to get your weekend rolling with Mercy Me! When you hear their mix of R & B/Funk and contemporary jazz, you’ll know why they are called Sacramento’s Premier Dance Party Band.

Dead Winter Carpenters are back!

Their own Facebook page says it best: “DWC blends elements of rock’n’roll, folk, roots, country, ragtime, blues, and reggae music with choice influences ranging from throughout rock history and the traditional fiddle tunes of earlier times. This combination of authentic songwriting and dynamic musicianship gets the hips shakin’ and feet dancin’, epitomizing what a great live music experience is all about.”

Who am I to try to improve over a perfect description?

Come back, come back for Golden Cadillacs!

Here’s what our decidedly more feminine colleague had to say the last time they were here: “There’s no secret about it..  These boys excite me in ways I’m not allowed to talk about here…  But come in tonight and see for yourself.  The boys.  See the boys for yourself.  Not me.  sheesh.”  9PM