Big Sandy’s not only bringing the Fly Rite Boys tonight, but as a special opener Big Joe Louis and Carl Sonny Leland will be in the house.  A MASSIVE bill..  Girls get ready to fly tonight, because this place’ll be on fire.  8PM $10

Tonight! Johnny Knox? It’s Ur Birthday, Brother!

Happy birthday to one of Sacramento’s most beloved blues musicians.  Cannot find enough sweet words to describe this cat…Come out and join what is sure to be a stellar night of performance, and show some luv for a true living legend.  9PM

Tonight!! Dead WInter Carpenters

This is one of those bands poised to blow up.  Today, tomorrow…  next week.. who knows.  Check em out, you’ll know why.  9pm

Tonight! Bob Woods Band

This dude has a resume a mile long, sharing the stage with the likes of  Tiny Moore, Bill Kirchen, Albert Lee, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Pete Grant, Gene Parsons, Billy Joe Shaver, and more.  He was releasing material when the medium was vinyl.  That’s so hot.  Need I say more?   9PM

Tonight! Dippin’ Sauce

Oh.. Hell.  You all know how much fun these guys are.  What you may not know is they have a new website … yes… with lots of pictures.  Check em out then come say hi tonight.  9PM

Tonight! Hollywood Texas

All you need to know here:   Good times.  Good times.  8pm

Tonight! Kevin Russell

Check this then come on out.  9pm


There’s no secret about it..  These boys excite me in ways Im not allowed to talk about here…  But come in tonight and see for yourself.  The boys.  See the boys for yourself.  Not me.  sheesh.  9PM

Tonight! The Monophonics

Formed in 2005, Monophonics is one of San Francisco Bay Area’s modern day bands that carry the sounds of the late 60’s and early 70’s

Do check this…  then get here, 9PM.  No, really.  Just get here.  You’ll dig.

Happy New Year

CONGRATULATIONS! We made it out of that rat’s ptootie of a year 2011 and into the bright promise of 2012 … Lookin’ up from here, people, and a lot we have to celebrate, too.  Shake off the remnants of your holiday hangover and get your’re butt in here for a true celebration– BTW, did you catch the Nemeth gig on NYE?  Sic it was, I mean really, the cat outdid himself.    If you have pix send ’em to and we’ll … edit them heavily … and post ’em.  CHEERS!