Tonight!! Candye Kane

I remember the first time I saw Candye Kane.  This woman is hot as a pistol.  Bring your girlfriend, bring your boyfriend.. don’t miss.  8PM  $7

COMING UP: Candye Kane

This Sunday …

Tonight!! The Legendary Daniel Castro

You don’t go wrong with Daniel Castro.  Bring your date.  9PM $8


Woo hoo it’s friday!! Happy Hour Today with Jimmy and Lew 5:30.. Delicious taco specials.. Hope to see you!!

Pre-Holiday Stuffing

Before the Holiday Food Fest begins, sneak on in for a No Cover Happy Hour Feast at the Legendary Torch Club.  OK–  I exaggerate.  Not a feast.  But a great op to stuff in some good hot food by Mitchell Brothers Catering– Great food-drink combo prices, drink specials and more.  Featuring Pailer and Fratis to help stave off the food coma.  See you there.

Tonight!! CD Release with Shane Dwight

Pack in tonight for Shane Dwight, (as we always do) but tonight you get to leave with a his new CD.  9PM

Tonight!! Dippin Sauce

Jump into the Legendary Torch Club tonight for some… Dippin’ Sauce .. for some hipshakin’.  It does wonders for mid-week cubicle-butt. 9PM

Tonight!!! Sista Monica

OK–  you survived 11.11.11 with the Final Final Band, what better way to give thanks than with Sista Monica at the Legendary Torch Club.  9PM $10

Today! Pailer, Fratis, Drink Specials, and Grub

Does it get any better??   Menu changes every week, so do the combo deals and drink specials.  It all adds up to a great kick to the weekend. Masterfully served up by Mitchell and Sons Catering.  5:30-7:30 No Cover Happy Hour, featuring Pailer and Fratis.

Tonight!!! Final Final!!

Yes…  11.11.11 …  You may not think so, but hiding in your basement with all those canned goods isn’t going to protect you from all the ways the world will end today.  Instead, spend your last seconds at the Legendary Torch Club with the Final Final Band.  Yes, fine…. bring the pork ‘n beans.  Bring me some too.  9PM