Tonight: Harley White Jr Featuring Aaron King

Tonight, Thursday September 29th, features Harley White and Aaron King playing all the kinds of American Music starting at 9pm. Come out and support live music…enjoy a show presented by world class musicians. Music begins at 9.


Click the READ MORE for the full promo …Hey, Kids..  (as you’ve heard) it’s Blues for Life time again… the Legendary Torch Club takes over the WORLD (or maybe just the back lot) with two stages, tons of food, drink and  musicians up the yang…  you know what I mean.  Weather will be awesome.. all the local celebs will show– always do…  It’s a big fat afternoon you don’t want to miss…  

Blues For Life 2011 Tix on Sale Now

If you’ve been in years past you’ve watched it grow bigger and better each year that goes by.  Don’t miss it this year, people..  Advance Tickets are available online at, and buy your way into an afternoon of music, a load of awesome pastas from some of the best local restaurants, and undoubtedly a little mayhem.  Hey–  what’s your $20 gonna buy you that’s better than that?  NOTHING! all goes to a great cause….  Don’t miss it.

Albie Aware…?

Blues for Life is a celebration of  life, and benefits Ablie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation.

Created in memory of Albie Carson, who succumbed to breast cancer on July 4, 2002. Albie was a 50-year resident of Sacramento where she attended school, raised a family, and made a career in the real estate community.

In honor of Albie, it is our goal to raise money to help others in the community who face their own battles with this disease.  The foundation and all involved foster AWARENESS: “Albie Aware” sounds like “I’ll be aware” and that’s our purpose: To make people aware of cancer PREVENTION methods through nutrition and exercise, to encourage self-examination and a follow-up doctor’s appointment for early DETECTION, to be aware of the diagnostic testing available to determine the best TREATMENT for breast cancer and the early detection of a recurrence, and to provide financial assistance when these tests are not covered by the insurance provider.

Albie Aware isn’t just a foundation… but a changer … and a saver… of lives.  Join us at Blues For Life, and find out more at


This Weekend at the Torch Club…

Ah, yes…  The weekend is stalking us and it’s a good one at the Legendary Torch Club…  Tonight starts off with the Pailer / Fratis NO Cover Happy Hour–  and once the wheels are greased you can stick for awhile with the hella lively Mercy ME! Band.  Saturday it’s some low down blues with Johnny Knox in the afternoon, and then Daniel Castro stays on that same theme of authentic low down blues for a sweaty Saturday night.  Sunday’s got a smooth Blues Jam in the afternoon, then Tess rolls in to round out a great weekend.

Tonight: Dead Winter Carpenters

OK– after about …like…forever of being on the road, traveling to all points of the universe…  tonight the Dead Winter Carpenters are stopping in for … I dunno …  a coke and a few sets??  WOO!  Cool!  Its been awhile, guys.  Glad ta see ya!

Tonight: Golden Cadillacs

Come on out tonight for a midweek Golden Cadillac..  these guys bring the dirty foothills to the Legendary Torch Club…ooh.  Wait.  Reminds me of high school in Placerville.. getting caught in ….  eh.  Never mind.  Just…  yea.  See you there.

Blues For Life 2011

Ahh, yes.  The end of Summer…must be time for Blues For Life.  Fifth time around… ask anybody, each year gets better and better.  This year, besides a stellar line-up of talent, there’s savories from all the best pasta joints around the city.  Food… music… friends… drinks… sunshine…and all for a great cause.  Awesome.

Long Weekend of Great Talent at the Torch CLub

Tonight we begin the weekend on Wednesday… as all weekends should… with Ms. Gina Silica bringing her sound …  and a new CD to the stage.  Thursday is “date night” with the Return of the Beer Dawgs…  oh, wait.  Might want to ditch the date for this one…  it’s sure to get hairy with these guys rolling back in.  Shane Dwight is here Friday to blow the doors off this ol’ place, and the Saturday…  whew!  The Nibblers come in to finish us off.  The Sunday Blues Jam is going to be relaxing after this non-stop weekend at the Legendary Torch Club.

Tonight: Solsa

What a great night for a Summer Solsa…  the city’s most versatile band.  You can never see these guys (and Gal!) too many times because they pump out such a vast array of sounds..  you’re butt will be movin’ from all directions.