Gearing up for New Year

NO EXCUSES, folks. Don’t drink and drive- and don’t ride with anybody who does. Tipsy Tow offered by AAA: You don’t have to be a AAA member, from 6pm-6am on New Year’s Eve/Day they will take your drunk self and your car home for FREE. Save this number… 1-800-222-4357. This is an incredible service that WILL save lives.  Nationwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring in 2012 with John Nemeth

Have you heard?  We’re ringing in 2012 with John Nemeth is at the Legendary Torch Club.  Be here early, and prepare to stay late.  9PM $30

Tonight!! Keri Carr Band

Keri Carr is the former lead singer of Rowdy Kate—as well as the owner of a well-known Midtown hair salon. But it’s her powerfully sad and instinctual renditions of traditional, old-school Mexican songs that leave you wanting more. Her eponymous band’s repertoire is so diverse, you never know what to expect, but Carr’s always excelled when performing songs with Spanish lyrics (her mother taught her how to sing them as a kid). Whether it’s a country song, a Mexican party song or a ballad, the singer’s voice always sounds like an abyss of eternal sadness, contrasting the various upbeat rhythms of a talented backing band. 904 15th Street,

—Jonathan Mendick


Tonight! Dippin’ Sauce

Are you kidding me?  How perfect is this to kick off your days … upon days… upon days… of family holiday …  cheer —  but with a lil’ Dippin’ Sauce on Christmas Eve.  Put the cookies out, leave the wrapping to Santa, and get your butt down to the Legendary Torch Club to start the holiday off with a smoooooth groove.  Saturday 9PM

Tonight! Mr. December  Not found around these parts nearly enough, Mr. December brings in 5 diverse artists that includes some long time favorites and many significant originals.  And, yes… Miss Dana brings her chops in to drive it all home.  Don’t miss this one… it’s a true treat for the Legendary Torch Club.  Friday 9PM

Tonight! The Golden Cadillacs

Nick Swimley, Adam Wade.  James Neil on drums, Aaron Welch on guitars and vocals and Joe Davancens on pedal steel guitar and organ. Don’t miss these boys.  They bring in a great groove, and an authentic energy. Wednesday 9PM

The Legendary Torch Club Presents.. New Year’s Eve with John Nemeth

Make it your first stop or your last, but don’t miss John Nemeth at the Legendary Torch Club on New Year’s Eve.  9PM $30 Get here early… the place WILL sell out.

Last Minute Santa

Hey..  Bring your favorite live music fan a coveted logo tee shirt featuring the iconic and historic Torch Club sign.  Long sleeve, short, girl, boy…  we got em all.

Tonight! Bone Mac Donald

Come in this Sunday evening for the authentic stylings of Bone MacDonald.  One of my personal favorites… but hey.. don’t take my word for it.  8pm

Tonight! The Nibblers

Known as a “7 piece rocking soul funk explosion”  ie., a big ass hard rockin’ band gonna stuff into the Legendary Torch Club and blow the roof.  Be here.  Saturday 9PM