Tonight!! Harley White Jr. Featuring Aaron King

These guys’ll blow the roof off your Thursday.  Roll in and check ’em out.  9PM $5

Don’t Miss It!

Tonite!! Pailer, Adams, Lunetta & Channell! Wed. night at The World famous Torch Club! Come get your groove on….9pm.

Tonight! Jimmy Pailer

Ah, Jimmy Pailer … a standard at the Legendary Torch Club, and a legend in his own right.  Come on out tonight and see what he spins up…  Always something different, and never disappointing.  9PM

Keep in touch, ol’ friend..

Hook up to the Torch Club email list, & keep in touch with News, Calendar, Special Events & more.  We won’t distribute your info, & we promise not to make you buy all these Rolex watches we have to sell.


So we’ve survived the Halloween Marathon, and just in time cuz it’s finally starting to get a lil’ nippy out there.  That’s ok.  Duck in from that North wind and catch Quinn Hedges during No Cover Happy Hour at the Legendary Torch Club.  5:30 – 7:30PM  After that stick around for some Dippin’ Sauce, 9PM

A Long Weekend

Thanks to all the freaks and goblins that snuck into our Halloween Bash Weekend!  Off the hook it was.. nothin’ left to do now except roll the lil’ ones out tonight for the swag.  Ahh..  nice.

Halloween Howler


Live Red Hot Rockabilly music & Costume Party!!
Saturday 10/29/11
The RevTones, KB & The Slingtones, The Vintage Vandals!!!



Before the Halloween Weekend festivities begin, come on in for a No Cover Happy Hour Feast at the Legendary Torch Club.  OK–  I exaggerate.  Not a feast.  But a great op to stuff in some good hot food by Mitchell Brothers Catering– Great food-drink combo prices, drink specials and more.


OK– all who otherwise keep the freakish parts of their being away from the general public, it’s time to turn it all loose this weekend.  Whatever your scary side.. don’t hold back– drag it down to the Legendary Torch Club this weekend and just let it roll.  Friday we’ve got a hotter than hell warmup with the Coalition, Saturday brings us the Halloween Howler, with the RevTones, KB and the Slingtones and the Vintage Vandals. Then strap on that costume once more for a Funkin’ Freaky Sunday with the Nibblers.

Happy Hour Today = Zero Traffic

Stop in for a lil’ snack on your way between home and that stack of traffic you’re about to get into.  Wait it out, grab a cold one and some good tunes..  before you know it you’ll be full, happy, and traffic free.  Cheers!