Ah, the dog days of Summer

Right about now Ms. Kate is cooling off the Summer night just nice.  A cold drink, sit back ..  enjoy.  Then hey– it only gets better later with Dippin Sauce.  Stay awhile.  Not a bad place to be on a warm Tuesday night.

Tonight: The Golden Cadillacs

C’mon, people…  Pull your butts off that Wednesday night sofa and jump out tonight for the Golden Cadillacs.  If enough people blast off tonight they’ll hafto start the weekend early.  It’s in the rulebook.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy

Arthur Big By Crudup, in Forrest, Mississippi in 1905.

By 1939 Crudup was staying in Chicago barely working as a solo musician. Lester Melrose allegedly found him while he was living in a packing crate, introduced him to Tampa Red and signed him to a recording contract with RCA Victor’s Bluebird label.  By the 1950’s he was touring the country with the big names.  He also recorded under the names Elmer James and Percy Lee Crudup.

Tonight: Terry Hanck

Don’t even get me started on this cat.  Terry hits notes on that brass that aren’t even on the map .. and if that’s not enough he’s got some smooooooth vocal chops too.   Terry’s a legend among legends ..along with a helluva band,  and the Torch Club is always happy to have ’em.

Tonight: Coalition CD Release

The weekend’s here and it’s Coalition tonight for a CD release gig at the Legendary Torch Club ..  with Special Guests the Carter Brothers.

Tonight: Jelly Bread

OK– I admit..  I don’t know EVERY band that rolls through town, and I didn’t know stink about Jelly Bread when I went looking for info.  I ran into this:  “Music meant for a night of sexual healing on the dance floor with a little granola for breakfast”.  Heh.  That’s good enough for me.  A funky blend of soul and roots music– see you there.

Tonight: Johnny ‘Guitar’ Knox

Everyone agrees..  Johnny is the bedrock of Blues in this town, and beyond.  Not only because he’s been doin’ it longer than I’ve been alive– which seems damn near… disturbing,,, actually —  but because he’s managed to keep stuck together that low down traditional sound, yet bend it just a little different each time to make it new again.  If you’re aching for traditional blues from an honest source, show up tonight.  Johnny won’t let you down.

Tonight: Kaye Bohler

Downbeat Magazine says, “Kay stands firmly on the Blues tradition, yet can turn on a dime into Soul sophistication.”  Seriously– it can’t be said better.  The woman’s a house a’ fire..  in prime form, booking like mad and we don’t get her often enough.  Come out tonight to the Legendary Torch Club for Kaye Bohler.

Tonight: Gino Matteo

Gino has been noted as being

(a) a passionate purveyor of urban blues

(b) a note bender

(c)  stocky

(d)  all of the above

Yea.. it’s (d) all of the above.  If I were you, though..  I’d stick with (a) and (b) when you shake his hand after the set.  jus’ sayin.


Tonight: Dead Winter Carpenters

DWC are rolling through town nearing the end of their months long Midwest tour, so jump out tonight to the Legendary Torch Club and see how a few thousand miles adds to the sound of an already great roots band.