what the..?

clearly I’ve blacked out (again) or something, because it seems we just had a weekend … about a week ago… didn’t we?  yea, ok– it’s good when a week screams by so fast you hardly know it happened… and we’re set up with yet another great weekend lineup at the Legendary Torch Club…  As we speak Pailer and Fratis are sound checking for the cube crowd–  don’t even think about jumping on that freeways right now, people.  Then later the Nibblers take over the space to kick this weekend in the butt.


Torch Club website visitors are coming in from Russia, China, India, Australia, Greece, Turkey and more!  What can we say??? Ласкаво просимо!    欢迎!    Bienvenue sur!    Καλώς ήρθατε!    Velkommen!     WELCOME!


it’s hotter than the devil’s panties out there, but it’s alllll cool in here.  roll in about 5pm any day for some all important hydration and a cool live music acoustic happy hour.  wait out traffic, soak up some a/c… trust me–  you’ll be a lot happier person when you get home.

i’m blown.

thinking the weekend is done just because it’s Tuesday?  no no no.  assuming you got one good arm left after lighting any and everything remotely blowupable (it is a word..no.. really..), haul your carcass out one more evening because you cannot miss Yo’ Mama’s Big Fat Bootie Band tonight at the Legendary Torch Club.


trottin to SBux for my joe this morning all i heard was wooooooossshhh…..  the sound in my head after the gig last night with Walking Spanish.  seriously, if you had brains enough to show for that one you pass the awesomeness test.  stay tuned because this weekend (beginning, BTW …  NOW) promises to go off rail at the Legendary Torch Club.

Ontario? In’t that in LA?

no, fool–  Ontario BC brings us Groove Session Sunday night.. a funky–rocky–jazzy… wait.  let’s combine those :  fu — c….&@…zzy…  ok…. well…. oof_________Anyway, you get it.  They’re hot as hell, funky fun with a soul…. and a big giant bongo-ish kind of drum, too.  Chicks love bongo’s, dude.  Jus sayin.  Sneak in for a nice closer to the weekend.  I’ll be the one licking the drum…Go Canucks!

yea, i know…

I got ya on this one.  Tracorum is just not a band we see much ’round here.  And I’m as damn snotty as the next chick that’s dated 185 guitar players about who I roll out to see.  But I gotta say…  if your’re gonna take a chance and blow a couple hard earned greenies on a band you haven’t heard, this is a good one.  They’re butt-ass deep in roots influence, and they roll it through a funk that comes out the other side with a stellar sound.  Really, you don’t want to miss this one.  I’ll be there, sans guitar player.

Im logging in for 2 seconds

to urge you to get off your butt, away from Mommie Dearest and roll to the Legendary Torch Club for some Nibblers.  This is the kind of Sacramento weather that makes it worth living through the rest of the punishing days…  get out and enjoy it.   Im outta here…

You Gotta Say it like this

the Nibb..a..luuuuhs.  Lol.  No–  you know, really..  not much I can say about a bunch of freaks that put on a show this good.  Solid enough to impress your match date, really.  Bring her in tonight and start nibblin.

get off ur putt

At Albie Puttin’ – the Albie Aware Pub Crawl happening Saturday June 25, 2011!

Join us for a mele of flyin’ balls, swinging clubs, cold drinks food… and way fun.  way.

Visit 9 restaurants/bars – each with their own miniature golf hole. (she said… )
10:00 -11:00 a.m. – Registration at 15th & K
Shotgun start @ 11:00 a.m.  POW!
Prizes and after party from 5-8 p.m (entrance included in your ticket price).
Live music with ALL FIRED UP!
Raflle – Food  – Prizes!
Tickets $25 each or $20 each if you purchase 10 tickets at once.
Purchase tickets at http://albieputtin.eventbrite.com.
Walk ups also welcome.
Groups of 10 or more, call 916-927-1592 for discounted tickets.