You left a mark.

ah, dad…

Father’s Day was not made a permanent national holiday until President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.  What??  Ah.  That blows.  You know that was only to help the crappy tie industry.  Anyway, get Dad something he really wants:  A cold beer, some great live music and girl or two to dance on for Father’s Day.  Oh..  dance WITH, sorry.

In the old days…

During Prohibition you could buy your liquor from a pharmacy with a $3 “prescription” from a doctor who determined you were “defective.”  In the 13 years of Prohibition, Walgreens grew from 10 stores to 800.  Jus’ sayin’.  Roll by the Legendary Torch club tonight.  Lara Price in the house.  And no prescription required.

Dad’s Day

Register Dad for the Albie Puttin’ Pub Crawl on June 25, and get the ol’ geezer off his putt!

9 restaurants / bars are participating this year, each with their own puttin’ hole.

Grab tickets at for $25 per person, and be at 15th @ K for the 11am shotgun start.

Prizes and after party from 5-8PM (included in your ticket price)

Live music with ALL FIRED UP!

A full day, a great time, dad’ll dig it.

Albie Puttin’

OK, you swingers.  Time to gear up for Albie Puttin’ – the Albie Aware Pub Crawl happeing Saturday June 25

Visit 9 restaurants / bars each with their own miniature golf hole!

Register at 15th @ K Downtown between 10am-11am

Shotgun start at 11am

Prizes and after party from 5-8PM (included in your ticket price)

Live music with ALL FIRED UP!

Tickets $25 per person or $20 each if you purchase 10 tickets at once.

Call 916-927-1592 for discounted groups of more than 10.

Purchase tickets at

Walk-ups welcome!


Who does not LOVE this weather??  The heat? The sweat?  Makes you want to go out and do something dirty, right?  Yea?   8PM, still sunny..  I’m cabbin’ it to the Torch for a few drinks and some live tunes.  Who needs a “weekend”?

and before you know it…

…we’re skidding into a sweaty Sacramento weekend.  Sweeeeeet!  A perfect weekend to go off leash and head out to the Legendary Torch Club for one helluva weekend lineup–  Volker Strifler shows up to bust some strings on Friday, and then Daniel Castro takes over Saturday night.  It’s gonna be a long, hot, loud weekend.

Hey there, Sunshine!

We’re rollin up on 80 degrees here midweek in Sunny Sacramento– who doesn’t love this??  WHEW.  Get outta your cube farm midday and soak up some long awaited rays, then roll by the Legendary Torch Club  for a fat good time with Mind X at 9.

Weiner Confesses

Yea.. I don’t know either.  It was just too good to pass up.

Blue Monday

Boo.  Really.  Is it June, or is it October??  Good thing the rest of the week only gets better from here, beginning with the sweet Summer sounds of Kate Gaffney tomorrow at 5:30, followed by the Dippin’ Sauce at 9.  Trust me.  You’ll feel better tomorrow.