Friday May 20, 9PM  From the Bay Area, the California Honeydrops once again grace the space at the Legendary Torch Club. These boy’s rip off a stellar performance that’ll get you dancing to a New new old sound.  wait.  what??  http://www.cahoneydrops.com/

what the–?

That thing up there..?   that’s the “sun“…

Wednesday May 18 9PM  Seriously, if you don’t like the sound of MindX it’s only cuz you don’t have ears.  Come out for a midweek butt-shake, it’ll make the next two days roll smooth…

Assemble the minions…

Hey!  Contrary to expectations we’re getting the wheels under this thing and it’s beginning to roll… Now it’s up to y’all to start sending in photos of some of those shared moments at the Legendary Torch Club.  Send to torchclubphotos@comcast.net, and send some background info with ’em.

A Reason to Celebrate on a Random Tuesday..

To recognize our Navy Seals for risking their lives to alter history, &  for the incredible skill & sacrifice of all our military personnel.  Thank You! Now– come on down for a cool one & a lil’ Dippin’ Sauce tonight.  Hey, after all… it’s a Tuesday.  Cheers!

Holla, Everyone!

Good to see ya here in our “new” little space on the web. Check back often as the minions are working hard updating, uploading and otherwise upHEAVING a great online experience. Ooo.  Let’s not talk about that.  Cheers!